Air Quality

Created an app that allows users to see current air quality in San Francisco Area.
AirNow API, MongoDB, Express, Node, Particles.js, HTML/CSS
Currently working on React version with multiple USA cities.

Feedback Tracker

Designed and implemented a project where students can see feedback on their progress, homework completion and attendance statistic.
MongoDB, Express, Node.js, JavaScript, Google Spreadsheet API, HTML 5, CSS 3

GA Time Converter

I discovered that a lot of time savings can be achieved in organization with a tool that automates timezone conversion. Built an app that easily converts time between time zones of General Assembly campuses. HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript

Global Life

Mobile application for Android that displays local direct numbers of rescue services in the location of the device and allows to call these services.
Created with JavaScript, Node.js, React Native, MongoDB, CSS3, Bcrypt.


Projects where you can travel to all cities of your dream. User can create an account and travel through fantasy cities and write posts.
Created with JavaScript, Node.js, React, MongoDB, AWS SES, AWS S3, CSS3, Bcrypt, Semantic UI.


Created an app where user with synesthesia (a phenomenon where somebody listening to music associates it with various colors) can listen to musical notes, pick colors or art that user associates with note. Python, Django, PostgreSQL, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap.